Buying a laptop is a major investment decision so its not one to be taken lightly. This article has 5 tips that will help you for make the best and most well informed decision in buying a laptop.

Tip #1 Size Matters

Like many things, a laptop’s size is crucial. Try to answer the question: How often will you be carrying your laptop? Your answer will help determine which size and weight will best suit your needs. If you will be carrying your laptop frequently, a lighter model will be preferable.

The keyboard’s size is another consideration. A larger laptop will have a slightly larger keyboard area. If your fingers or wrists take on too much stress from typing on a keyboard that is too small, you may want to get a laptop with a bigger keyboard.

Tip #2 Choose Your Mouse

A laptop will come with a built in touch pad as an alternative to the mouse. The pad is controlled by the user’s finger movement. For some people, this is uncomfortable and not easy to work with. So you might want to get a mouse. Determine what mouse options are available. Test each one and determine which one best meets your needs.

Tip #3 Wireless Options

Many people who purchase a laptop prefer accessing the internet through a wireless connection. Many of today’s laptops come pre-wired for wireless Internet. All you need to do is activate your wireless Internet service, and your laptop will take it from there. So depending on your needs, choose your laptop whether it is capable of expanding or if it is already configured for wireless Internet.

Tip #4 Check for Ports

Connecting equipment such as printers, scanners, and digital cameras will be much simpler if you have the ports readily available. So make sure that your laptop has adequate ports. If you are not sure, thoroughly read the specs for any laptop that you are considering purchasing.

Tip #5 Check Your Budget First

When you think that you have found the laptop that you want, do not rush into it. Wait a day and check over your budget, requirements, and see if you are still as excited about the laptop in the morning, as you were when the sales clerk was showing off its specs. If you still feel that it is the laptop that you want to purchase, then go for it.

With all these tips, you’ll be able to find a great laptop that will suit your needs.