There would always come a time that we want to lounge on our couches and just watch a movie with our family. And we simply want the best possible viewing experience with them. With tons of appliances to choose from, picking out those televisions that would best suit in your home theater would mean scrutinizing what they have to offer, beyond their chic casings and advertisements.

Well, good thing technology touched our old versions of televisions; that’s why we have a lot to choose from today. With this, yesterday’s televisions with cutting edge technology have become bargains of today. Rapid improvement of the market in collaboration with technology drove these appliances’ prices down relatively quick paving way to more average consumers in a short span of time. Hence, you can have wider variety to choose from when buying one.

Basically, there are three types of television sets that are sought-after by those who look for the best in their home theaters today. These include the plasma, rear project, or front projection televisions. Each of these have their pros and cons when it comes to home theater.

Plasma Televisions

These televisions offer displays that are bright and pictures with best quality. Its physical design, wide TV display with wide physical gamut, make it ideal for watching movies best viewed in cinema mode. It’s wider than the traditional televisions with displays of 30 inches or more to adapt to your home theater needs. One disadvantage it carries is its price though, which is quite higher compared to other types with the same display size.

Rear Projection Televisions

These televisions come in with better prices than that of the plasma televisions and with better quality. It works by projecting and reflecting the images from the back of the television. While they offer a cost-effective large screen display, it’s quite bulky than the plasma flat panels. And you may need a bigger space to house its components on your home theater just to achieve good projection of the images. Another disadvantage they have is the wide variety of competition with respect to their output quality. You may want to dig more information before buying one in particular. Another downside to be noted in this type of television is that the room lighting affects the quality of the picture onscreen. You also have a narrow viewing range. However, many still purchase this kind for their home theaters because of its low cost. It always comes down to the preference of the buyer.

Front Projectors

Front projectors are a variation of the rear projection televisions although their image projection varies. These are far less bulky than the others and they use a retroreflective material in their operation. Though we have been talking about televisions with large glass screens, front projectors are a good option as the others, although its screens can be altered. You may opt to project the images on a big white cloth or onto a black wall. Today’s front projectors are usually mounted on the ceiling to provide a nice quality of picture.

A wide variety of options are out in the market, and as I’ve said, it will always come down to the buyer’s preference, your preference. There’s no right or wrong in that. The one you should be paying careful attention to is your screen choice, how you like your movie to be viewed. Also, a good thing to note is the level of image quality these televisions offer, and some other qualities you don’t want to miss out on your home theater atmosphere. These considerations will surely help you narrow down your options in picking out the best for your lounge.